Monday, February 7, 2011

The Random 3 Things For Monday

hello everybody!

I just realized neither Addie or i have posted in a week! That's a while, but we're both so busy time just gets away from us. I'm not quite sure what to post about.... So I guess this one'll be sort of random. Is that ok?

1. Valentine's Day is coming up! I don't think this is the most popular holiday of the year considering you don't get school off and you don't get presents at all. But the opportunity to tell someone that you like your feelings I think is sort of special. Its almost inspiring in a way because that's the day people say "I love you," to anyone that they love whether its family, friends, or that special him or her. So that being said, why not share the love (or the feelings of liking someone)  with someone you care for  :)  But that means i have to practice what I preach, don't I? 

2. SUPERBOWL! WHOOHOOO! The Superbowl was yesterday as you guys probably know if you're from the U.S.. What kind of sports do they have in other countries?? Gotta love Google for those reasons... The Superbowl is exciting though! Last night, my mom, my dad, sister, cousin, and brother-in-law sat on our couch and watched the 1st quarter with our eyes glued. Then us girls left with more important things to do while the guys screamed at every touchdown. My favorite part about the Superbowl: The food. Yummmmmm

3. Tag: 12 Likes, 9 Hates, 1 Thing Realized, 1 Love. I tag anyone who'd like to do it.

I like waking up to a sunny morning.
I like laughing over something that happened a year ago.
I like video chatting over Skype.
I like spinning around with friends until we're dizzy and flat on the floor laughing our heads off.
I like doing "The Happy Dance" every time something good happens.
I like eating cheesecake at midnight.
I like singing along with the radio.
I like howling with my puppy until everyone tells us to stop.
I like finding pictures from 3 years ago.
I like blue eyes on anyone.
I like daydreaming.
I like believing that some day things will change.

I hate fighting with people.
I hate that feeling when you know the guy you like is smitten with someone else.
I hate procrastinating
I hate crying myself to sleep.
I hate letting fear hold me back.
I hate when someone lets you down.
I hate feeling trapped.
I hate it when books have bad endings.
I sometimes hate myself.

Today I realized that books are one kind of best friends.

I love loving Love. Is that cheesy?


  1. I'm excited for Valentine's Day too!! I miss the days when I was a little kid and everybody gave V-day cards out!! heh heh I might do that this year!!
    Love this post!!

  2. This is absolutely lovely. We have SO MUCh in common! :)


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