Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things will Change

I'm free from the chains,

I'm ready to finally get into the games,

The news has come,

And so let's be done with the past,

Let it be what it be and cast it away,

Think new happy thoughts and delight in the new day,

Oppurtunities have emerged from their secret places,

My smile is big to see new faces,

A new beginning, a fresh start,

I plunge in with an open heart,

From what I've learned from this trying time?

Nothing's forever, the future changes on a dime,

So when I falls deeply in woeful thoughts,

I must remember, its only for now,

All is not lost.

"Tonight we standed on our knees,
to fight for what we've worked for all these years.
The battle was long, it was the fight of our lives,
But we'll stand up champions tonight.
It was the night things changed.."
-Change-- Taylor Swift


  1. I love the line, "I plunge in with an open heart." So beeyoootiful!!!! :D

  2. you comment was amazing. it made me cry tears of joy. :) thank you so much, love. so so much! i serioulsy can't explain my happiness!! :)


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