Friday, February 11, 2011

A Letter You'll Never Read

I'm leaving and you know it,
I haven't had a chance to see you since the news spread,
You like some other girl and I know it,
It haunts me at night before I lay down my head,
You want to design rollercoasters someday and I know that because you told me,
Your eyes sparkled when you said it, the way they do when you're happy,
I watch you out of the corner of my eye sometimes but you have no idea,
I wonder what her name is: Kate, Hailey, or maybe Leah
You hate bumpers when you bowl, I know
But so does everyone else and they don't really care, 
You have a special love of Truth or Dare and I know that too, 
But why am I thinking of these things that i know about you?
It doesn't matter anymore, I'm moving on and I never even had a chance, 
But I do know my girls, my friends, when I'm gone will make you do the "The Happy Dance" 
When someone bowls a strike or a spare you'll think of me and maybe wish that I was there,
You see, I've left my mark, a small, tiny little legacy,
My heart is whole and complete, I don't need you to remember me 
The friends I've made are more important than competing with a girl I've never met,
Someday you'll cross my mind and I'll think, "How could I forget."
You've meant something to me and you truly are a special guy,
But its funny how things change in the blink of an eye.

So I guess this means goodbye...
    Love, Me 

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  1. Hey! Sorry it's been forever since I've commented!!!
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and hope to read it for much, much longer! :)


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