Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yours, Hers, and Mine

There are always at least 3 sides to take, sometimes more,
When friends fight, i want to shut my door.
This is why I'm troubled when it comes to teams and sides,
Because there's yours, hers, and mine.
How can i pick? Which one do i choose?
I love her and I love you
Where do i stand, where is my place?
Is it with you or her? Everyone only cares about saving face.
Some ignore me, some greet with open arms, some gossip viciously
You and she, you're always smiling in each other's faces,
Silently thinking to yourself, "She looks horrible with braces"
You are prententious acting like everything is ok when you're broken inside and planning your revenge.
She said, she said. I don't care what was said.
Stop trying to pull me into your whirlpool of gossip and hurt
Be friends with me, but don't hope i'll buy into your side,
There's yours, hers, and mine. Yours, Hers, and Mine.
You and she don't understand when I say, "I am like Switzerland."
You and her are disapointed i won't come and join your campaign because I am neutral,
Both of your words are always filled with hate and its a shame,
Why must you and she hurt? Always playing games.
Don't you know you will never win trying to ruin each other's names?
There are 3 sides to choose from: Yours, hers, or mine.
Neutral vs. Taking an opposing side.
That is why i choose mine, you cannot lose their game when you pick your side.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You'll Never Fade Away

Dear You,

Hey how've you been? I miss you. I can't help but wonder if you do too.
"Is that you?"  I hear you say,
You're laughing and you're smiling, you always brighten up my day.
Do you recognize me, have I changed at all?
What have you been up to, I see you've gotten tall.
Hey how've you been? Its been quite a while.
There's a large pile of letters under my bed,
Ones you'll never read, nor words that will be ever be said.
People can prompt me all they like, but my minds made up,
Its not love, its something else, and from a distance it will be enough.
Go ahead and please stand there and be yourself,
That's why I like you, you're not like anyone else.
And when I see you from a far screen away,
You won't see the tears, nor any pain, and by the way,

Just above a whisper, "You'll  never  fade 



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Thrice Random Newsletter

hello everbody,

 Soooo, time for a random post. I like to write about 3 things, but maybe just maybe I'll make it to 7 one day since thats my lucky number :)

1. Baking! I want to bake something this afternoon since I have absolutely nothing to occupy my thoughts. What shall I bake you ask? Maybe some Pecan Cookies, blueberry muffins, Rice Pudding, or some brownies!!  I've never attempted to make cupcakes because I'm afraid I'll mess them up, but today might be the day. I'll update you guys on what I decide haha.

2. February 11th had a lot going on! My blogging friend Abby had her blogoversary yesterday. Make sure to click her name and go visit her on her blog A Little Bit of Randomness.
Yesterday was also Taylor Lautner's 19th birthday. TEAM JACOB! I was completely Team Edward in the books, but Robert Pattinson doesn't live up to Edward Cullen expectations I'm sorry to say. Februrary 11th was also Thomas Edison's birthday and goodness where would we be without him! I'm pretty sure I covered everything that had to with February 11th but please tell if I missed something!

he was so cute in Cheaper By the Dozen 2!


3. A Challenge. I've heard this challenge going around and the reasons I've been hesitating about it is because I don't reallly want to post everyday, but I can always catch up and I don't really want to post pictures of myself. So those days I'll subsitute or something :(  I wish I would've started the 1st, so I'll catch up for 12 days. 6 days in this post!

Day 1: A Favorite Song
I have many favorite songs and they alternate constantly, but I have to say American Honey by Lady Antebellum is my favorite at the moment.

Day 2: A Favorite Movie
Mean Girls, that movie is so beyond hilarious.

Day 3: A Favorite Book
This will sound cliche but to be totally honest Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

 Day 4: A Favorite Television Program.
LOST, one of the most incredible TV shows ever. It ended last year, but my mom and I stay up late, late, late on weekends and watch it on marathons. That show is just so good haha

Day 5: A Favorite Quote.
So many favorites, but one I like to live by is "Don't cry because its over, Smile because it happened." -Doctor Seuss.

Day 6: A Moment You Wish You Could Relive.

My birthday sleepover this year.  One moment in paticular was when my mom had to go back to Wal-Mart to get a security case off of the DVD we got for the party. While she was gone, we partied and blasted the music. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift came on and we all screamed the lyrics dancing in pitch blackness waving glow sticks all around like a concert. When my mom and sister got home, they all screamed with us. It was in a way... Epic! All I could do was stop myself and I say, "Capture this moment and remember it when its gone."

 I will stop here at the half way point to 12, next post! Have a lovely day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Letter You'll Never Read

I'm leaving and you know it,
I haven't had a chance to see you since the news spread,
You like some other girl and I know it,
It haunts me at night before I lay down my head,
You want to design rollercoasters someday and I know that because you told me,
Your eyes sparkled when you said it, the way they do when you're happy,
I watch you out of the corner of my eye sometimes but you have no idea,
I wonder what her name is: Kate, Hailey, or maybe Leah
You hate bumpers when you bowl, I know
But so does everyone else and they don't really care, 
You have a special love of Truth or Dare and I know that too, 
But why am I thinking of these things that i know about you?
It doesn't matter anymore, I'm moving on and I never even had a chance, 
But I do know my girls, my friends, when I'm gone will make you do the "The Happy Dance" 
When someone bowls a strike or a spare you'll think of me and maybe wish that I was there,
You see, I've left my mark, a small, tiny little legacy,
My heart is whole and complete, I don't need you to remember me 
The friends I've made are more important than competing with a girl I've never met,
Someday you'll cross my mind and I'll think, "How could I forget."
You've meant something to me and you truly are a special guy,
But its funny how things change in the blink of an eye.

So I guess this means goodbye...
    Love, Me 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things will Change

I'm free from the chains,

I'm ready to finally get into the games,

The news has come,

And so let's be done with the past,

Let it be what it be and cast it away,

Think new happy thoughts and delight in the new day,

Oppurtunities have emerged from their secret places,

My smile is big to see new faces,

A new beginning, a fresh start,

I plunge in with an open heart,

From what I've learned from this trying time?

Nothing's forever, the future changes on a dime,

So when I falls deeply in woeful thoughts,

I must remember, its only for now,

All is not lost.

"Tonight we standed on our knees,
to fight for what we've worked for all these years.
The battle was long, it was the fight of our lives,
But we'll stand up champions tonight.
It was the night things changed.."
-Change-- Taylor Swift

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Random 3 Things For Monday

hello everybody!

I just realized neither Addie or i have posted in a week! That's a while, but we're both so busy time just gets away from us. I'm not quite sure what to post about.... So I guess this one'll be sort of random. Is that ok?

1. Valentine's Day is coming up! I don't think this is the most popular holiday of the year considering you don't get school off and you don't get presents at all. But the opportunity to tell someone that you like your feelings I think is sort of special. Its almost inspiring in a way because that's the day people say "I love you," to anyone that they love whether its family, friends, or that special him or her. So that being said, why not share the love (or the feelings of liking someone)  with someone you care for  :)  But that means i have to practice what I preach, don't I? 

2. SUPERBOWL! WHOOHOOO! The Superbowl was yesterday as you guys probably know if you're from the U.S.. What kind of sports do they have in other countries?? Gotta love Google for those reasons... The Superbowl is exciting though! Last night, my mom, my dad, sister, cousin, and brother-in-law sat on our couch and watched the 1st quarter with our eyes glued. Then us girls left with more important things to do while the guys screamed at every touchdown. My favorite part about the Superbowl: The food. Yummmmmm

3. Tag: 12 Likes, 9 Hates, 1 Thing Realized, 1 Love. I tag anyone who'd like to do it.

I like waking up to a sunny morning.
I like laughing over something that happened a year ago.
I like video chatting over Skype.
I like spinning around with friends until we're dizzy and flat on the floor laughing our heads off.
I like doing "The Happy Dance" every time something good happens.
I like eating cheesecake at midnight.
I like singing along with the radio.
I like howling with my puppy until everyone tells us to stop.
I like finding pictures from 3 years ago.
I like blue eyes on anyone.
I like daydreaming.
I like believing that some day things will change.

I hate fighting with people.
I hate that feeling when you know the guy you like is smitten with someone else.
I hate procrastinating
I hate crying myself to sleep.
I hate letting fear hold me back.
I hate when someone lets you down.
I hate feeling trapped.
I hate it when books have bad endings.
I sometimes hate myself.

Today I realized that books are one kind of best friends.

I love loving Love. Is that cheesy?