Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yours, Hers, and Mine

There are always at least 3 sides to take, sometimes more,
When friends fight, i want to shut my door.
This is why I'm troubled when it comes to teams and sides,
Because there's yours, hers, and mine.
How can i pick? Which one do i choose?
I love her and I love you
Where do i stand, where is my place?
Is it with you or her? Everyone only cares about saving face.
Some ignore me, some greet with open arms, some gossip viciously
You and she, you're always smiling in each other's faces,
Silently thinking to yourself, "She looks horrible with braces"
You are prententious acting like everything is ok when you're broken inside and planning your revenge.
She said, she said. I don't care what was said.
Stop trying to pull me into your whirlpool of gossip and hurt
Be friends with me, but don't hope i'll buy into your side,
There's yours, hers, and mine. Yours, Hers, and Mine.
You and she don't understand when I say, "I am like Switzerland."
You and her are disapointed i won't come and join your campaign because I am neutral,
Both of your words are always filled with hate and its a shame,
Why must you and she hurt? Always playing games.
Don't you know you will never win trying to ruin each other's names?
There are 3 sides to choose from: Yours, hers, or mine.
Neutral vs. Taking an opposing side.
That is why i choose mine, you cannot lose their game when you pick your side.

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  1. I love this!!! So true!!! The third and fourth lines are great!!!


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