Long Live Us!

Well hi! We're Adelle and Gabrielle and this is the story of us. We're two best friends who decided to write down our tales, our triumphs, our loves, our hopes, our dreams, and everything in between. We love Taylor Swift and our title was inspired by her song The Story of Us. We've been best friends for over five years now and we know each other like the back our hand. We're just taking life chapter by chapter, and writing down our stories here.

We LOVE music.  It's one of our passions :) Gabrielle plays piano and Addie plays guitar and sings. Yes, we will do a duet someday. :D  Our favorite genre is country.   We also like a little bit of everything else!  Another one of our passions is writing, especially songs and poems.  It's a great way to express yourself. Our motto is "Be Fearless and Speak Now!" Inspired by none other than Taylor Swift because of two of her amazing albums. We're constantly reminding each other of it.  

Here's hopin' this blog will go on for a long time! We hope to get to know you all soon!