Thursday, February 17, 2011

You'll Never Fade Away

Dear You,

Hey how've you been? I miss you. I can't help but wonder if you do too.
"Is that you?"  I hear you say,
You're laughing and you're smiling, you always brighten up my day.
Do you recognize me, have I changed at all?
What have you been up to, I see you've gotten tall.
Hey how've you been? Its been quite a while.
There's a large pile of letters under my bed,
Ones you'll never read, nor words that will be ever be said.
People can prompt me all they like, but my minds made up,
Its not love, its something else, and from a distance it will be enough.
Go ahead and please stand there and be yourself,
That's why I like you, you're not like anyone else.
And when I see you from a far screen away,
You won't see the tears, nor any pain, and by the way,

Just above a whisper, "You'll  never  fade 



1 comment:

  1. I love the line, "what have you been up to, I've seen you've gotten tall." Like all of a sudden all the boys at my school are like NBA sized!!
    Love this post!!


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