Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soundtrack of 2011

I did a soundtrack of 2010 last year, and I had so much fun with it I decided to do it again!  Basically, I just make a list of songs that meant a lot to me in 2011 or describe what happened.   I always make it 17 songs because that's my favorite number.  (Kinda like Taylor Swift and the number 13!)  The only other thing I do is title it with the song that completely described my year.  Anyway, HERE IT IS! 

Title: Fifteen
Artist: Various Artists
Year: 2011
1. Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney
This is on the list mostly because it is now one of my all time favorite songs, but also because I sort of felt this way in some parts of the year.
2. Hallelujah by Many!
This song helped me get through some really tough times.  I've laughed to it, cried to it, sang it with close friends, and even sang it by myself to my mother!  (that almost never happens because I'm so shy about my music).  It just means a lot to me.  Leonard Cohen originally wrote it, but many artists have done covers.  This is my favorite one: (the song starts at about 30 seconds)

3. The Only Exception by Paramore
So I have this friend... Allison is her name... and this song is like our inside joke.  Allison was a big part of my life this year, and this song just has a lot of memories.
4. Friday by Rebecca Black
Come on, you knew this would be on my soundtrack of 2011 ;) It's probably on everyone's!  When I first heard it, I laughed.  It was so ridiculous!  Seriously, "Sitting in the front seat, kickin' in the backseat, gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take"?!  I didn't believe it was real.  Eventually, I listened to it enough that I started loving it.  I even wrote a parody!  Later in the year I watched the video and I cried.  Yes, cried.  I bet I'm the only person to do that.   It brought back good memories!  And you probably think I'm insane now... Yeah sometimes I think I'm a little too emotional :P
5. Stay by Sugarland:
This song describes my biggest mistake of 2011.  I'm just going to say this right now: Girls, don't EVER fall for guy that has a girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc., even if he tells you he loves you and wishes he could be with you.  Never.  No exceptions.  But still, this is a beautiful song.
6. Laughed Until We Cried by  Jason Aldean
I think everyone can relate to this song.  I fell in love with it this year when school was just about to end.  I'd had an amazing year, and I really didn't want to see it end because I knew I would be attending some school in  California instead of that little one in New Mexico.  So I did everything I could to make memories that would last forever :)

7. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift:
Well... this is the second year in  row that this has made my list.  It means so. much. to me.  Ever since I first heard it in the seventh grade, I was in love with it.  It's probably still to this day the most played song on my iPod.  I know every note, beat and lyric to it.  I've related to every word in it, and it was even and "our song" this year.  It's always and forever my favorite song.
8. Rocket Man by Elton John:
I really don't know what this song is about, but it was playing during a moment... That moment happened this year, and it was one of the highlights.  Listening to it takes me back to that moment.  
9. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
Watching my parents hand over the keys to that little adobe house to some stranger was pretty hard.  I've had 10 houses in my lifetime, but out of all of them, that one "built" me more than any of them.  It was an emotional time.  This song describes how I felt.
10. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood
This song made me realize something... And that something changed me.  It also helped me help a few of my friends get over a guy.  (The same guy both times :/... stupid boy!)
11. Honey Bee by Blake Shelton
I absolutely love this song, and now whenever I hear it I think of the Summer of 2011 because that's when it came out.
12. Church Pew or Barstool by Jason Aldean
I know, the title sounds weird... But listen to the song.  It's about not really knowing where you fit in.  I've had that problem most of my life, even in my own family.  "When you don't seem to run on either side of the fence, people act like you don't make sense".  I fell in love with this song the second I heard it.

13. Stronger by Sara Evans
If you've heard the song, you probably know why it's on my soundtrack... Bad things happened this year, but they all made me Stronger :)
14. Rain is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan
When you live in the desert like I do (California and New Mexico are both desert areas) you really miss the rain.  The main reason this is on the playlist is that one of my favorite memories of 2011 was walking in the cornfields back home in Ohio singing this song while I got soaked by the rain.  Oh, and that it reminds me of Ohio, the place I love more than anywhere else in the universe.
15. Paint This Town by Arabella Jones:
Most of you who read this are probably like, "By WHO?"  Arabella Jones is an amazingly talented country singer, but she's just getting started.  I found her on YouTube earlier this year and just loved her music.  I'm now a street team leader for her!  Go check her out!  Anyway, the REAL reason that I put this song on the playlist is that it is the story of my life, especially now that I'm here in California.  Give it a listen, you won't regret it! :)

16. This is Country Music by Brad Paisley:
This song... is my life.  It makes me proud to love country music.  I've loved it ever since I was a little girl, and I ALWAYS will <3 It's who I am, it's my life.  God Bless Country Music!

17. Fifteen by Taylor Swift
This is the title of the soundtrack of the year.  I was 15 for all but about two months of 2011.  It describes what happened that year perfectly, and it's how I would say it all looking back.  Because of things that happened this year, I know exactly who I am.  Sure, I still don't know who I'm goinig to be, but that'll come.  Maybe not in 2012, 2013, or even 2014.  But it will.


  1. I love seeing other peoples' playlists because they're never something I would make for myself, so I hear so many new songs. Great list!
    Also, how did you get the little heart next to your blog address in the url bar? I'm not even sure if you did it on purpose but I like it so I was just wondering.(:

  2. Hello hi!

    You left a wonderful comment on my blog ( I would like to thank you oh so very much. Also for following! To say thanks, I have entered you in my small giveaway - you can read about it on my blog. The winner will be announced soon.

    I popped over to take a look at your blog - and its darn lovely! I think the story you are telling together is wonderful and some cool cat idea. Are you on bloglovin at all?

    I also did a playlist, but of my life.. but now I am definitely thinking of doing one for every year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    All the best, and I hope you two have a wonderful new year!

    @ 1001 ways to be more lovely

  3. Great songs! EXCEPT Friday... I'm still in the "it's ridiculous" stage, and I'm 110% I'll always be there! LOL.. I don't know who in the world said, "OH MY GOSH REBECCA, you have a GREAT voice, have you ever considered singing professionally?" .. but whoever did, should be put in an insane asylum.

    I hope this year is an amazing one for you two! :)


  4. You have such lovely taste in music. I love your playlist!
    Have a wonderful day!



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