Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Not Over :)

This is slightly awkward... March 14th was the last post date!


Well everyone, I'm sorry for neglecting the blog.

Not that you necessarily care... I mean, I doubt you were sitting by your computer hitting the refresh button over and over saying "AHHH! THERE HASN'T BEEN A NEW POST ON THE STORY OF US IN FOREVER!" Considering we didn't even keep up with it for that long and only had 9 followers.  But if you were, I apologize!

Anyway... I guess I'll tell you what's been up.  Again, you might not care, and that's fine, but hey I'll tell y'all anyway :)
Gabrielle stopped homeschooling in February and went to what I like to call a "smarticle person school"... She is now swamped in homework on a day to day basis, so that's the main reason why she hasn't posted at all since March...
As for me, its a mix of many things. I went back to school after winter break and sort of forgot about this poor little blog. And, well... I'm ashamed looking back, but I was busy trying make my life revolve around a guy who ended up using me. I know... It's bad. I should have been blogging instead. But I was also busy with some other things that I don't regret! Homework, spending time with my friends from school, and making an award winning film ;) well... Award winning in the New Mexico Youth Film Festival! Maybe I'll post the link to it on YouTube later...
But after the school year finished and he was gone, I really didn't think about the blog, and when I did I didn't have any ideas. Then I moved to California and started a new school and met new people and everything was so crazy.  And that's my exuse ;)

As for the US part, Gabrielle and I are still best friends and were pretty much the same :)
Haha, oh and yeah.  After our complicated boy issues, we  took a vow.  A vow not to give any guys any time of day unless they meet up to a list of standards ;)  It's called the Better Than Revenge Club, modelled after the Lonely Hearts Club.  (Oh us andTaylor Swift songs...)  Oh and yeah.  We're still obsessed with Taylor Swift!

So I know you guys are probably wondering... "Why post now after all this time?!"
To me, blogging is like a first love.  You always think you're over it, but you never really are.  I know, I've probably annoyed you guys with my constant and brief "I'M BACK's" and disappearances.  I thought this time I was done for good.  But here I am writing a post.  I don't really know why to be honest.  Lately I've been thinking "Ohh, wouldn't it be nice to have a blog again, then I could post about this, or that...".  I've had that idea every time I've come back to blogging, but this time its different.  I feel like I have more ideas, like I'm a stronger writer, more creative, and I only want to improve.  I don't know. Maybe its just another vagary, or maybe its not.  I guess we'll see. 

Maybe I'll have an inspiration for a blog post tomorrow :)

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  1. I've missed you! But, I understand the love-hate relationship. Good to see you back again(:


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