Sunday, December 18, 2011

Be Forever Young

This post was written Wednesday, December 14. I just haven't had a chance to post it. Sorry its late!

Hellooo guys! Soo Abby tagged Addie and me! Which is down below.
How has your Wednesday been going? I used to detest Wednesdays when I was homeschooled though I'm not sure why. But today was a great Wednesday! Its my birthday and I got to spend it at school with friends for the first time!
Addie texted me at 1 in the morning which was AWESOME! Haha, one thing that has stayed true throughout our friendship is the fact that Addie and me are night owls! We used to have sleepovers where we stayed up until 5 in the morning! 

I love tags..
1~ Do you like to read?
I love to read! I begged my parents to teach me how when i was 2! Once I learned how, I wasn't been able to stop.
2~Who are you favorite authors?
I have many, here's 5! Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Sarah Dessen, Maggie Stiefvater.

3~What phone do you have/do you like it?
I have an iPhone 3GS and I LOVE it! I really want an iPhone 4, but I'm so happy with the phone I have.
4~Favorite store? 
That's tough, I think one of my favorite stores is Delia's because their clothes are so cute!
5~Nickelodeon or Disney Channel?
I dislike both these days :( I used to love Disney Channel, but now the shows are horrible. Hannah Montana was my all time favorite when i was younger and I still love watching reruns, but Disney Channel just isn't the same anymore. As for Nickelodeon, I still love watching their award shows, but the TV shows are terrible as well.
6~Pinkberry or Yoomoo?
What? Who? 
7~Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter hands down, but Twilight will always be 2nd place. And of course, The Hunger Games will always win 3rd.
8~Cookies or cupcakes?

Cookies! My parents have contests to see whose cookies are better especially around the holidays!
9~ Do you have any allergies?
Bleh! Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring all year round do I have allergies uugh
10~ Do you believe in ghosts?
11~ What are you wearing right now?
I'm wearing birthday clothes! Jeans, a hot pink t-shirt, and comfy slippers!
12~ What was the last song you heard?
A Christmas album called A Very She and Him Christmas. My parents LOVE Christmas music haha. This will sound really bad, but Christmas music annoys me so much! Though I do love the spirit of the holidays :)
13~ If you were an animal what would you be?
A hedgehog. Always♥
14~ Have you ever been hang gliding/paragliding?
Nope, but it sounds amazingly fun!
15~ Favorite board game?
Monopoly or the game of Life.
16~ Favorite video game?
I have to agree with Abby, Guitar Hero.
17~ Have you ever been on a plane?
Yep, i love when they take off! It makes me giggly and hyper :D
18~Do you like sports?
Not many, I have almost no athletic bone in my body! The only exception I have is Field Hockey because i LOVE it!
19~If you had £1000,000 what would you spend it on?
Friends, Family, College, everything!
20~Favorite flower?
I love pretty much all flowers. They make me sneeze, but I think they're gorgeous.
21~Favorite fruit?
22~Can you ride a bike?
Since I was 5! Learning to ride a bike is part of the reason why after every fall, I can always get back up.
23~Do you believe in aliens?
Apparently it can be mathematically proved but otherwise, I don't care as long as they don't bother me!
24~Favorite kind of cake?
Italian Cream Cake which my mom makes every year for my birthday.
25~Have you ever been bungee jumping?
Nope and I don't plan on it. 
26~Have you ever completed a Where’s Wally book?
What's a Where's Wally book?
 27~Disneyland or Universal Studios?
Disneyland because of the magic.
28~Pirates or ninjas?
Ninjas are way cooler! They've got skills pirates just don't have.
29~ Sweet or salty popcorn?
Sweet and Salty is the best kind of popcorn. If I had to pick though, salty.
30~If you could visit any fictional place where would it be?
I've gotta agree with Abby: Hogwarts

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  1. Thanks for doing the tag, and also thanks for the comment Gabrielle. I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas! :)



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