Thursday, January 6, 2011

Imagination is a Gift to be Used

Hey guys!

So I thought I'd do a post since I haven't done one in a few days!
It's funny, I was checking out different blogs people recommended and I've come across 2 awards that I made like 8 months ago! It was rather cool I have to admit, that they're still circulating. The rules have been changed and customized to how other people think they should be done and I love it when people go wild with their imaginations. Why did God give us imagination if we were never supposed to use it? I think it should be taken advantage of at any given opportunity.

I guess there's really no point to this post, but I'm gonna link some bloggies that I think are very creative and imaginative and deserve to be recognized. So here they are:

Just Another Little Blog of Epic 7 Things

Go read their stories will you?


  1. I think I've read every blog up there at least once...
    It is fun when people take their own fun twist on things, isn't it?
    Great Job!

  2. Hey :)

    I'm not posting on my usual profile, but anyway it's Ali :)

    I'm realllyyy sorry, but I don't have the poem anymore. I moved rooms and I think it got lost during the process! I'm really sorry!

    I love this new blog :)



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