Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Story is long, and baby we're only to the Prologue


Welcome to our new blog! I'm Addie and I'm Gabrielle, take a peek at the few paragraphs about us to your left! Where do we begin writing? I dunno, but I guess I'll (Gabrielle) start from the beginning....

Once upon a time, in a very hot and humid place, there were two girls named addie and gabrielle. One had curly brown hair and one had straight black hair. They were both homeschooled and one day met at a meeting at the skate park. Somehow, by odd circumstances, they both ended up in a hospital waiting room together. They talked a bit, but later they yarn shopping because Addie was a genius at knitting. They joined a knitting club and talked more and more. Addie had a Build-a-Bear birthday party that year and invited Gabrielle! She was thrilled! Whaddaya know, they discovered that they both loved stuffed animals, build-a-bears in paticular. From then on, they had sleepovers and created games intertwining their famlies of stuffed friends. Annabelle and Jake, 2 snow leopards started it all. But that in of itself, is a long story and it will be saved for another day.

The girls grew out of stuffed animals and their beloved 'bears, but soon they discovered music and Taylor Swift. The obsession of country music became the new big thing for them. And to this day it still is. The girls have grown up a bit, changed a lot, but still remain the same. Sure, one could tell you all the stories in one jumble of sentences, but whats the fun in that? There will be times of sadness and utter happiness to come, memories will emerge, and songs will be sung, but just you wait, our story's only begun.

Lol, this is just the prologue. Sorry for that whole third person thing up there, it just added to thte story riight? Maybe just in my head, but whatever. And there you have it, the beginning of us.

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  1. Wooooo yes I'm the first follower! :D
    Love the picture! :)

    I really can't wait to read all of the "stories" about your friendship.! Except..UGH I hate country music. Oh well, haha.

    Have a Happy New Years, you two!



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